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Things to think about (do) before you apply for grad school COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog

Things to think about (do) before you apply for grad school COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog As the summer draws to an end, ma...

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Things to think about (do) before you apply for grad school COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog

Things to think about (do) before you apply for grad school COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog As the summer draws to an end, many people contemplate going to graduate school.   There are a lot of reasons to go back to school but you should decide if those reasons are good enough reasons to spend a year or two (or three) studying and taking exams and incurring debt while you are out of the job market.   You should also consider what is it that you hope to do when you graduate.   If you are thinking about pursuing a career in global public policy (because almost every aspect of life is affected by policy decisions and because you want to make an impact on the global community); getting into a highly competitive, highly impactful organization takes a higher level of training and expertise that a master’s degree can provide. Going into a graduate program is a big investment in your career and it’s a way to focus on your passion.   Graduate school programs are very specific, so you should know what you want to get out of it before going into it.   You should look at going to graduate school to enhance and develop certain skill sets that will help you achieve a specific job that you want to have post-graduate school. The piece of paper you get after you finish a program is not going to guarantee anything; it’s the experiences in and around graduate school such as the networking opportunities with students, faculty, and alumni, how you position yourself through the courses you take, the student organizations you may be involved in, events you attend, the internships and assistantships you obtain; your graduate school experience will make the difference on the impact you hope to have, personally and professionally. You should research the various programs â€" make sure it’s the right program that offers you the concentration you are interested in studying that will help you get the job in a specific field that you had your eye on.  Start your research early.   You should visit the school/program websites, speak with the admissions offices, attend information sessions, sit in on a class, meet with a professor doing research in your area of interest, review course descriptions and curriculum outlines, and take the time to speak with students and alumni to get their perspectives about the program and life after school. Find the right school and program that aligns with your interests and will get you the access to the opportunities that matter.

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Assessing the View that Family Diversity is Leading to a...

Assessing the View that Family Diversity is Leading to a Weakening of Traditional Family Values Given the culturally diverse character of the United Kingdom today, there are considerable variations in family and marriage within the country. The structure of families has altered over time and is still changing today. Changing relationships between spouses in the family, and in particular, the changes in the position of women in the family. The family in the UK today reflects a range of factors, including Britain as a multi-ethnic society, differences in social class, and as a society in which women choose or are forced to head families by themselves. A significant section of the population chooses not†¦show more content†¦This had two consequences according to (Harris, The Family). Ownership of land stayed intact and the male who inherited was likely to be well off and that the sons and daughters who did not inherit formed a mobile labour force which went in search for employment. (Parson) and, separately (Goode, World Revolution and Family Patterns) claim that the I ndustrial Revolution weakened the extended family by taking away crucial economic and social functions from the family. However an alternative approach from (Anderson, Approaches to the History of the Western Family) who has argued that early Industrial family actually helped to form extended families. Using data from 1851 Preston Census, Anderson found 23 percent of household members contained family members other than those in nuclear families. ====================================================================== There are a number of factors that have contributed to the increasing diversity of family and household forms; every thing in society has a function to perform. In sociological theory Sociological Action theorists support the belief that human action is based on choice. This approach emphasizes that people can chose/negotiate alternative lifestyles in the light of their understanding of their situation, and within the limits that their circumstancesShow MoreRelatedThe Fifth Discipline7838 Words   |  32 Pagesrecognize the patterns of interaction in teams that undermine learning. The patterns of defensiveness are often deeply engrained in how a team operates. If unrecognized, they undermine learning. If recognized, they can actually accelerate learning. Assessing the organization’s learning disability Most organizations learn poorly. The way they are designed and managed, the way people’s jobs are defined, and most importantly, the way people have been taught to think and interact, create fundamental learningRead MoreControl Theory15246 Words   |  61 Pagestheoretical question: Why are people motivated to commit crimes? For differential association theory, the answer was that youths are enveloped by a deviant culture that they learn in interaction with others. This positive learning—that is, learning to value crime—is what moves them to break the law. For strain theory, the blockage of goals creates a frustration that is the engine that drives individuals into crime. Hirschi, however, asserted that these theories were explaining something that did not requireRead MoreHrm in Japan, Usa and Europe9900 Words   |  40 Pagesresource management has attracted considerable attention over the last two decades from scholars and practitioners alike. While part of t he debate has centered on its application and theoretical underpinnings, the other has been on its prescriptive value for the survival of organizations in a turbulent and a volatile business environment. More recently, the issue of whether to situate the HRM debate in the organizational or the international context has arisen. This is because organizational responsesRead MoreLabour Market Context11897 Words   |  48 Pagesin the previous chapters, the aim is to provide a number of reference points by which we can understand the role of HRM in the contemporary organisation and how it can provide the strategic means to enable firms to cope with uncertainty and add value to business processes. It provides part of the backdrop by which the following chapters on HRM practices and issues can be better understood. What is a labour market? A labour market can be understood as the mechanism through which human labourRead MoreCase Study148348 Words   |  594 Pagesarticles or press cuttings) that might be used to develop a presentation on the course. †¢ †¢ 4.2 Starting the course The specific requirements of each course will vary but here is some guidance on how courses in strategy might be started: †¢ A traditional approach would be to run through the issues in Chapter 1 and relate them to the structure of the course. This is very successful if the course follows the text quite closely and in chapter sequence. With groups of experienced managers, it can beRead MoreDiscuss the Importance of Non Verbal Communication to Education24125 Words   |  97 Pagesstrategy paper on HIV/AIDS for East and Southern Africa IFAD strategy paper on HIV/AIDS for East and Southern Africa A. Assessing the Impact of HIV/AIDS on IFAD-Supported Projects 34. This section looks at the relevance of HIV/AIDS to agricultural and rural development projects, considering the vulnerability of project target groups and IFAD project staff and their families to HIV/AIDS; the reduced project implementation capacity resulting from the epidemic; and the continued relevance of IFAD-fundedRead MoreLibrary Management204752 Words   |  820 Pages . . . . . . . . 95 Planning—The Outcome . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 96 Environment—The Assessment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 99 Vision . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 107 Values and Culture . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 107 Mission . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 109 Goals, Themes, and Directions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 110 Objectives, InitiativesRead MoreA Case Study of International Brand Management: Comparison of Lexus Brand Management in Bra zil, United States and Japan.39374 Words   |  158 Pages ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ · 13 Core and Extended Identity  ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·13 The prism of identity  ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·14 I.1.3. I.1.4. Value Proposition ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·  ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ · 15 Brand Positioning ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ · 15 Part  ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·Ã‚ ·16 Read MoreStrategic Marketing Management337596 Words   |  1351 Pagesare we now? Strategic and marketing analysis 2 Marketing auditing and the analysis of capability 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 Learning objectives Introduction Reviewing marketing effectiveness The role of SWOT analysis Competitive advantage and the value chain Conducting effective audits Summary 3 Segmental, productivity and ratio analysis 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 3.7 3.8 3.9 3.10 3.11 3.12 Learning objectives Introduction The clarification of cost categories Marketing cost analysis: aims and methodsRead MoreDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 PagesBuilding Relationships by Communicating Supportively Gaining Power and Influence 279 Motivating Others 323 Managing Conflict 373 PART III GROUP SKILLS 438 8 Empowering and Delegating 439 9 Building Effective Teams and Teamwork 489 10 Leading Positive Change 533 PART IV SPECIFIC COMMUNICATION SKILLS 590 591 Supplement A Making Oral and Written Presentations Supplement B Conducting Interviews 619 Supplement C Conducting Meetings 651 Appendix I Glossary 673 Appendix II References

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Drug Addiction - 982 Words

Drug Addiction Drug addiction is a dependence on an illegal drug or medication. Many people confuse it with drug dependency, which is when a person needs a drug to function normally. The difference between drug addiction and drug dependence is drug dependence is when a person needs a drug to function normally, like some blood pressure medications can cause a physical dependence, but the person is not addicted to the drug. A person can have a physical dependence, but not be addicted. Many scientist believe that drug addiction is a brain disease, and this disease causes compulsive drug-seeking and use, despite the consequences that person may suffer. Taking a drug causes surges in your brain of dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter,†¦show more content†¦Tobacco contains a very addictive and dangerous drug called nicotine. Nicotine in through the lungs into the bloodstream, then into the brain, making the smoker feel relaxed yet alert. Nicotine is the reason 7 out of 10 smokers want to qui t, but can’t, because they are addicted to the nicotine. Scientists believe by 2050, 400-500 million more people will smoke cigarettes. That’s a scary thought, considering that right now 1,200 people die each year from tobacco-related illnesses. For women who are addicted to a drug, it increases risk for anemia, blood, heart and skin infections and hepatitis. It also increases the risk of STDs. It is dangerous for a pregnant woman to use drugs because most drugs cross the placenta, and cause direct toxic/poisons effects and the child can be born with a drug addiction. The use of marijuana during pregnancy is linked to behavioral problems in the child. The use of cocaine during pregnancy can bring on premature delivery, or stillborn. Many people believe that overcoming drug addiction is just a matter of will power, but the truth is drug addictions alters the brain in ways that create powerful cravings and compulsion to use that drug. Drug addiction is a scary thing, and many people believe that once you are addicted, you can never recover because it is a brain disease. Yes, it’s a brain disease, but you can recover. Books: Willwerth, Pamela.Show MoreRelatedDrug Addiction : Drugs And Heroin Addiction1130 Words   |  5 PagesThe arguments for whether or not to prescribe heroin to treat heroin addictions are controversial. Henden and Baeroe (2015) state both sides of the arguments being that some believe â€Å"it is in the nature of heroin addiction for individuals to lose their ability to resist their desire for heroin,† which knowing the nature of chemical dependency, heroin addicts would not refuse any heroin, so it still possibly an invalid consent to research participation as they did not have a free choice to reallyRead MoreDrug Addiction : Drugs And Drugs Essay744 Words   |  3 PagesWhen people first hear the word drug, they think of illicit drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamine. They also think about the user and sometimes why they use. One thing that is overlooked by the public is the treatment programs that are available to drug users. There is a stigma in our society around drug use that is very negative. Many believe that people that do drugs do them just to do them and even if this is true in some cases, no one wakes up one morning and decides that today is the dayRead MoreDrug Addictions802 Words   |  4 Pagesof the states, is facing drug problems. This state is considered one of the deadliest drug epidemics in American history. There are two types of drugs mentioned in the article. One of them is opioid. An opioid is a substitute for morphine and widely used. According to the statistics, 500 people had died from an overdose in 2005. In 2013, the numbers soared from 500 deaths to 2,700. Another drug(s) is known as synthetic opioids. Fentanyl and Carfentanil are the two drugs mention by Phil Plummer,Read MoreDrug Addiction3845 Words   |  16 PagesDrug Addiction (Focus of the Study: â€Å"Shabungan† at Brgy. Victoria Reyes, Dasmarià ±as, Cavite) Group No. Cuenca, Ma. Kristina B. Enon, Jane Loraine S. Tuban, Julie An Pelisco, Marvelous Salcedo, Yvette Laganzo, Ma. Riellyn Mae Austria, Gerald Mateo, Alyssa INTRODUCTION: Drug Addiction is a chronic disease affecting the brain, and just about everyone is different. It was also a condition that characterized by compulsive drug intake, craving and seeking despite what majority of societyRead MoreAddiction : Drugs And Addiction947 Words   |  4 Pages Addiction is a problem that’s very prevalent in our society. Considering that drugs and alcohol are being introduced to kids in middle school, this isn’t that surprising. We as a society constantly bombarded with talks about the â€Å"war on drugs† and addiction. There are constant conversations about what should and shouldn’t be legal and what addiction really means. Is addiction in the head, or is it something a person chooses? Should we help or punish people with addictions. Everyone has opinion,Read MoreDrug Dependence And Addiction : Drugs1231 Words   |  5 Pagesobvious assumption that drugs have an effect on the mind, but what exactly goes on and how do these substanc es affect your brain and change your state of consciousness? This is the question that interested me and brought me to want to write about this certain topic. Drugs alter the way people think, feel, and behave by disrupting neurotransmission, the process of communication between brain cells. Over the past few decades, studies have established that drug dependence and addiction are features of anRead MoreDrug Addiction and Drugs1219 Words   |  5 PagesDrugs Addiction Miami Beach Senior High Ashley Gonzalez Ms. Cooper/Mr.Sussman English II-Period Three 06 March 2013 Drugs Addiction Topic and Thesis Statement Miami Beach Senior High Topic: Drugs Thesis Statement: In an examination of drugs I will discuss causes of this disease/or social dilemma. I will also discuss the effect of drugs on individuals, families and society. Read MoreDrug Dependence And Addiction : Drugs1231 Words   |  5 Pagesobvious assumption that drugs have an effect on the mind, but what exactly goes on and how do these substances affect your brain and change your state of consciousness? This is the question that interested me and brought me to want to write about this certain topic. Drugs alter the way people think, feel, and behave by disrupting neurotransmission, the process of communication between brain cells. Over the past few decades, studies have established that drug dependence and addiction are features of anRead MoreThe Drug Of Drug Addiction Essay1270 Words   |  6 Pagesmy older brother struggle with drug addiction has taught me more in my life than anything else. He was a smart kid with a good head on his shoulders.   As he grew older he made some unwise choices with regard to substance abuse that quickly turned into a full blown addiction lasting over five years and landed him in and out of four different rehabs.   He was striving to get clean, but every time he took one step forward he fell three steps back.   Taylor entered Drug Court, after finding himself inRead MoreDrug Addiction : Drugs And Drugs1017 Words   |  5 Pages In today’s society, it is now normal to know somebody who has a drug addiction especially to opiates. A dr ug addiction is a mental disorder that the person can no longer control their actions. The person addicted to the drug will no longer care about the outcome of their actions as long as they can get that high they are seeking. **from textbook pg. 303** â€Å"Opioids are classified as narcotics- strongly addictive drugs that have pain relieving and sleep-inducing properties. Opioids include both naturally

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Financial Crisis Free Essays

string(61) " pleasured to borrow currency to these sub- prime borrowers\." The latest global financial crisis was exploded in 2008. This was the most serious financial crisis since the economic depression which occurred in sass and it severely impacted the global financial market. Lots of corporations collapsed during the 2008 financial recession which was caused by breakage of capital chain. We will write a custom essay sample on Financial Crisis or any similar topic only for you Order Now Although some companies did not bankrupt during that period, they also had suffered huge loss. The 2008 global financial crisis began from America. American financial crisis came from the prosperity of real estate. Before the 2008 global financial crisis, a large umber of financial derivatives were generated and financial bubble became more and more serious. Finally, American sub-prime crisis occurred which leaded to a large number of bank failure. This paper will analyze the reason of American sub- prime crisis and indicate the relevance between Shoal’s article, agency theory and the 2008 global financial crisis. This essay will argue that agency theory contributes to the 2008 global financial recession. 2 Review of the literature 2. Agency theory Agency theory has described a relationship between principals and agents. It also an solve this relationship through a contract that ‘one or more persons (the principal(s)) engage another person (the agent) to perform some service on their behalf which involves delegating some decision making authority to the agent’ denser and Neckline, 1976:308, citied in Lehman and Continue, 2013). 2. 2 Bad theory and humans morality and ethic A fter the collapse of Enron, Shoal (2005) strongly argues that business school does not need to do lots of things. In contrast, they Just need to terminate some old courses which they are teaching for their students. The reason is that the root of the issues in management practices can be found in the theories of management. Additionally, management practices which are condemned are enhanced by these ‘theories and ideas’ (Shoal, 2005: 75). Moreover, business school cannot address the issues of moral and ethic. Clansman, Setback and Heckler (1998: 77, citied in Shoal, 2005) claim that management studies is regarded as ‘a branch of’ the social sciences. Namely, the issues of business studies can be analyzed and resolved in method of social sciences. However, Ghosted (2005: 77) strongly argues that people use ‘scientific’ way o explore regulation so that they have ignored the moral and ethics of humans. Because there are some underlying basic diversities between physical sciences and business studies, some theories of physical sciences are not suitable for business studies. Furthermore, the parts of business studies which are related to physical (2005), even though ‘scientific methods’ (p. 7) exerts some positive influences, the cost is expensive. Therefore, this approach denies the subjective initiative of human. In addition, humans morality and ethic which are neglected by individuals are inevitable in human intentionality. Jensen and Michelin (1976, cited in Shoal, 2005: 75) assert that an idea which ‘mangers cannot be trusted’ was taught to their students in business school. As a result, whe n these students graduate, they hardly trust their leaders and do not realize that they should strictly maintain personal integrity. Additionally, Even though Friedman (1953, citied in Shoal, 2005) acknowledges that the duty of agents is to maximize the profit of shareholders, Shoal discounts this view and argues that compared with finding a new Job by employees, it is easier that shareholder can sell their corporation (Shoal, 2005). Furthermore, shareholder value minimization is the fundamental of the agency theory. However, Shoal (2005: 81) strongly asserts that they are not relevant and points out that these research and analyses are built on incorrect assumption, which meaner they are ‘unrealistic’. Moreover, ‘Chicago Agenda’ extreme emphasis laws and rules and against human intentionality and indicates that ethic and morals which are only relevant with persons can be removed from social science (Shoal, 2005). Nevertheless, Shoal disagrees this view and approves of the stewardship theory, because it can effectively give consideration to he profit of ‘customers, employees, shareholders’ and their ‘communities’ (Davis, Chairman and Donaldson, 1997, citied in Shoal, 2005: 81). 2. 3 Background of financial crisis The 2008 global financial recession has been described a ‘once in a century credit tsunami’ (Earl, 2009: 785). This is a disastrous blow to global financial community. Ballard (et al, 2009, citied in Huh et at, 2012) points out that many economists regarded the global financial crisis as the most serious global finance disaster since sass. Compared with only 11 banks was bankruptcy during 2003 to 2007, at least 160 American banks went broke in 2008 and 2009 (Fide, 2011, citied in Huh et al, 2012). From this statistics, it is not difficult to know how strong influence brought by this financial crisis. There is a close link between the 2008 global financial crisis and sub-prime crisis. Bernard (2007, citied in Hellenize and Chaos, 2012) asserts that ‘sub-prime mortgages are loans made to borrowers who are perceived to have a high credit risk, often because they lack a strong credit history or have other characteristics that are associated with high probabilities of default’. Furthermore, during 1990 to 2000, cause of the IT bubble economy, the American government took some steps to prevent economic downturn, such as reducing interest rate, cutting tax, decreasing the cost of sub-prime etc. Even though there were higher risks that some of sub- prime borrowers cannot repay currency punctually, the sub-prime mortgage had become an extremely phenomenon in that period, because this kind of debits can get more return due to the higher interest rate. In addition, secondary market had Thus mortgagor can easier receive mortgage credit, no matter he or she is the sub- prime borrowers or prime borrowers. As a result, sub-prime mortgage market had developed rapidly. Furthermore, a large portion of American preferred to buy a house in installment plan before the 2008 global financial crisis and some of them were sub-prime borrowers. Basic and Chine (1996, citied in Change and Chine, 2013: 14) claim that people need ‘more than enough’ fortune to certify their social status. This is why lots of American purchased a house in installment plan. Because of the higher interest rate, local banks were pleasured to borrow currency to these sub- prime borrowers. You read "Financial Crisis" in category "Papers" Goodhearted (2007) claims that in order to assess the default risk, here is no experience that the price of house has declined in the whole of America. However, the price of house started to fall from the end of 2006 in lots of areas of America (Goodhearted, 2007). Because the value of mortgage is less than the debts and the growing interest rate, increasingly sub-prime borrowers gave up repaying currency to banks. Consequently, even though lenders had sold these mortgages, it cannot cover the loss. In other words, the income gained by selling houses was not enough to offset the values of the credit and interest. As a result, these banks were suffering serious loss and some of them had to close down. 4 The link between Shoal’ article, agency theory and financial crisis In recent years, agency theory is widely used in lots of corporation and regarded it as the fundamental theory of corporate governance. Agency theory has played an important role in traditional control systems. Moreover, in this theory, shareholders use the method of supervision and reward to control mangers and employees. It is the foundation of agency theory to maximize the value of shareholders. Principals need to supervise agents whether they focus on shareholder’ interest when they are operating a corporation. However, Shoal (2005) strongly points out hat this theory does not improve the company’s performance, because it is analyzed by physical science and then neglect the moral and ethic of human. Because the different perspectives between shareholders and agents, they can make the diverse decisions. Thus some primary issues should be focused on in agency theory. Firstly, because of the diverse goals between principals and agents, how to ‘align’ them has become thorny (Lehman and Continue, 2013: 1). Secondly, how to guarantee agents carry out according to principals’ ideas. Lehman and Continue, 2013). Shareholders are interested in long-term strategies which can sustainable evolve their corporations. In other words, in long-term strategies, shareholders’ value, such as stock price and dividends, can be maximized (Klein, 2009). In contrast, agents focus on short-term strategies so that they reject long-term strategies. In this way, they not only can effect ively avoid unpredictable emergency which usually occur in long-term strategies, but also can get profit in a short time. It is why leaders Just pay attention to currently profit and overlook long-term development. For example, they may use ‘inferior raw material’ to manufacture (Lehman and Continue, 2013: 1). As a result, current margin can increase; however, they have overlooked some more corporation. Obviously, the loss of long-term cannot be estimated. This is similar as the sub-prime mortgage. Lenders prefer to lend currency to sub-prime borrowers, because of the higher interest rate. They can collect more properties in a short time. In addition, if the housing price is higher than the price of mortgages, borrowers will try their best to repay the debt, because they do not want to lose their house. To assume, if a mortgagor cannot timely repay, house, as a mortgage, will belong to the bank. Namely, when the bank sale this house, it can get extra property immediately. In this case, lending currency to borrowers, even though they are sub-prime borrowers, it is hardly to get damage to lenders. However, loaners have only noticed the short-term profit, therefore, they loaned mortgage to sub-prime borrowers instead of prime borrowers; however, they had neglected sustainable development, especially when the price of house dramatically declined. In fact, when the housing price decreased, some borrowers preferred to give up the mortgage to lenders, especially the value of house is lower than the loans (Klein, 2009). In other words, banks only can receive these mortgages instead of the loans. As a result, huge loss derived these banks collapse. Furthermore, mortgage lender also can resell theses mortgage to investment bank. However, some of them had hided some information in order to a higher price (Klein, 2009). In this way, some drawback of mortgage cannot be known by a new buyer. What is worse, these shortcomings may be modified to become some advantages to attract others. This fraud and sharp practice had continuing occurred. Namely, there are increasingly investing companies were involved in this event. Nevertheless, because the housing price decreased, these mortgages had devalued, which caused a serious debt crisis. Shoal (2005) points out that business school should open some ethic courses to teach their students more accountable. Obviously, he has predicted this perspective. Initially, if lenders do not only pay attention to short-time strategies, they did not only pursue the minimization of value in a short time and preferred to lend currency to prime borrowers rather than sub-prime borrowers. Even though the price of house decreased, borrowers are bound to consider their reedit, because they do not want to be classified in sub-prime borrowers. Additionally, they had stable Jobs to ensure the possible of repayment. Namely, banks may not consistently suffer such a huge blow. Furthermore, in order to earn greater profit, some agents had lent more than 20 times cash than the value the company’s security assets. Was (2010) convincingly points out that ‘highly leveraged balance’ existed in some financial institutions. For example, investment banks’ liabilities-to-assets ratio was 0. 96 at the end of 2006 (Was, 2010). In other words, the majority of assert was borrowed. Even though these agents used insurance to transfer risk, blind pursuit of interests had brought some huge hazard. Sometimes, if an agent is indeed regarded as a selfish man, it will damage the benefit of his or her corporation. Even though it may be reasonable that agent should some underlying differences between physical science and business studies. In other words, some theories which are correct in physical science cannot be reasonably used in business studies. Eisenhower (1989, citied in Lehman and Continue, 2013: 1) points out that it is a significant issue that if an agent makes a decision, it will be fisticuff for principals to check whether this decision is beneficial for the company, such as ‘creative accounting’ which is seriously harmful the profit of corporation. Furthermore, managers may not want to spend capital on ‘long-term research and development’, because it can reduce the short-term interest (Lehman and Continue, 2013: 2). Therefore, even though it seems exact that mangers should maximize the value of shareholders, Shoal discounts this view. He (2005:81) convincingly argues that this is the ‘unrealistic assumptions’ and humans moral and ethic have been overlooked in this theory. In fact, shareholders and agents have the diverse goals, which meaner that shareholders are interested in long-term strategy; oppositely, agents prefer to focus on the short-term strategy. Because of the unrealistic assumptions, agency problems which contribute to the 2008 global financial crisis are ignored. 3 Implication in article 3. 1 Stewardship can remit financial crisis In Shoal’s article, he argues that stewardship theory which can be alliterative to replace the agency theory can remit the problem between principals and agents (Shoal, 2005). Stewardship theory does not advocate personal interest, but the elective profit. In this theory, collective profit is higher than the personal benefit. Hernandez (2008) points out that agents’ and shareholders’ benefit can be aligned in stewardship theory. ‘Responsibility’ and ‘psychological ownership’ are combined with the profit of shareholders (Block, 1996; Davis, Chairman, and Donaldson 1997; citied in Spheres et al, 2012:2). In other words, they have become a collective and the interests of collective have closely linked with personal profits. According to Hernandez (2008), employees can feel more responsible and fulfill their obligations in stewardship theory. Because the interest has become consistent, the conflicting goals may not exist. Compared with agency theory which monitoring is necessary between shareholders and agents, shareholders and staff can cooperate in a harmonious environment. Furthermore, stewardship is also beneficial for realizing the interactions between sales personnel and consumers (De Router, De Gong and Wetness 2009; Hernandez, 2008, citied in Spheres et al, 2012). Therefore, it is good for a corporation to pay attention to customers, staff and shareholders simultaneously. Take sub-prime crisis makes an assumption, if the majority of corporation accepted he stewardship theory instead of the agency theory before the 2008 global financial crisis, the credit tsunami might not occur or it was not as heavy as this. Interest among agents’, shareholders’ and customers’ are tightly relevant. In other words, agents and shareholders may not only focus on the short-term profit and ignore long- place. Therefore, they may prefer to lend currency for prime borrowers while limit the amount of loans which is loaned to sub-prime borrowers. In addition, when lenders resell their mortgage, they may not deliberately hide weak information and ay not modify shortcomings in order to resell a higher price. Even though the agency theory has been extensively used in the world, Shoal has realized the drawback of it and try to replace it. The agency theory has contributed to the 2008 global financial crisis to a large degree. Namely, Shoal has forecasted the issue which has widely existed in the majority of companies. Furthermore, the stewardship theory advocated by Shoal can effectively remit the problems between shareholders and agents. It also can decrease the harm brought by financial crisis to some extent. 4 practice relevance 4. The power of government While it can effectively decrease the probability of financial crisis that using the stewardship theory replaces the agency theory, it is not enough. Therefore, the power of government cannot be overlooked. Because it can cause economic bubble that a government continually slash interest rates or dramatically reduce interest rates. However, American government had constantly reduced the interest rate thirteen times from 2001 to 2003. As a result, it caused the boom of American real estate. In addition, the application condition of sub-prime mortgage had decreased. A large umber of people preferred to purchase a house in installment plan, which caused the 2008 global financial crisis. Therefore, except for the stewardship theory, government also should pay attention to the frequency and the range of decreasing rate. Excessively fast decline the interest rate or oversize decrease them may cause economic bubble, which can harm for the domestic financial market. What is worse, it can lead to global economic crisis. Thus improper regulations may indirect lead to financial crisis. In addition, it is important that government should limit the rate of the sub-prime mortgage in any investment bank. Klein (2009) points out that regulation which can defend financial marker should be built by government. In other words, reasonable legislative can effectively prevent financial crisis. Consequently, the effect of government cannot be ignored. It also can effectually protect financial market and prevent huge loss. While the dominant economic system is free marker, governmental macro-control, which is beneficial to the current economic system, is inevitable. 5 Conclusion Agency theory has described the relationship between principals and agents. Even Hough the foundation of the agency theory is to maximize the value of shareholder, Shoal (2005: 81) convincingly points out that it is incorrectly built on an ‘unrealistic crisis. Because sub-prime borrowers have the lower credit and lower repayment ability, when the value of mortgage was less than the loan, they preferred to give up repaying the debt. As a result, sub-prime lenders had to sustain the huge loss. However, agents only focused on the short-term profit. They preferred to loan currency to sub-prime borrowers. Therefore, borrowing currency to sub-prime borrowers had become a common phenomenon in that period. Even though Shoal’s article was published before the international financial crisis, he was still aware of the problems of agency theory in economic system. While agency theory is accepted by the majority of corporations, it still has some serious problems. How to cite Financial Crisis, Papers

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Drug Dependence Essay Research Paper Drug Dependence free essay sample

Drug Dependence Essay, Research Paper Drug Dependence In order for a chemical to be considered a drug it must hold the capacity to impact how the organic structure works # 8211 ; to be biologically active. No substance that has the power to make this is wholly safe, and drugs are approved merely after they demonstrate that they are comparatively safe when used as directed, and when the benefits outweigh their hazards. Thus, some really unsafe drugs are approved because they are necessary to handle serious unwellness. Digitalis, which causes the bosom musculus to contract, is a unsafe drug, but physicians are permitted to utilize it because it is critical for handling patients whose bosom musculus is weak. A drug every bit potent as digitalin would non be approved to handle such minor complaints as impermanent weariness because the hazards outweigh the benefits. Many individuals suffer sick effects from drugs even though they take the drug precisely as directed by the physician or the label. We will write a custom essay sample on Drug Dependence Essay Research Paper Drug Dependence or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The human population, unlike a settlement of emmets or bees, contains a great assortment of familial fluctuation. Drugs are tested on at most a few thousand people. When that same drug is taken by 1000000s, some people may non react in a predictable manner to the drug. A individual who has a alleged idiosyncratic response to a peculiar sed ative, for illustration, may go excited instead than loosen up. Others may be allergic, or highly sensitive, to certain drugs, enduring reactions that resemble allergic reactions. A patient may besides get a tolerance for a certain drug. This means that ever-larger doses are necessary to bring forth the coveted curative consequence. Tolerance may take to addiction, in which the individual becomes so dependent upon the drug that he or she becomes addicted to it. Addiction causes terrible psychological and physical perturbations when the drug is taken off. Morphine, cocaine, and Benzedrine are common addictive drugs. Finally, drugs frequently have unwanted side effects. These normally cause merely minor uncomfortableness such as a tegument roseola, concern, or sleepiness. Certain drugs, nevertheless, can bring forth serious, even dangerous inauspicious reactions. For illustration, the drug Thalidomide was one time called one of the safest depressants of all time developed, but 1000s of adult females in the United Kingdom who took it during gestation gave birth to earnestly distorted babes. Other inauspicious reactions stem from blending drugs. Therefore, taking acetylsalicylic acid, which has blood-thinning qualities, for a concern can be really harmful if one is besides taking other blood-thinning drugs such as Lipo-Hepin or dicoumarol.

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Creating the Plant Church Ministry Application Project

Introduction: The Plant Church as a New Concept in the Christian Religion Background: The Concept of Volunteering Although the principle of volunteering is rather basic and is supposed to be inherent to all churches, not every religious institution follows it completely. Despite the fact that altruism is supposed to make the foundation of the Christian religion, most churches overlook volunteering as an essential component of their operations. As a result, their performance is not as efficient in terms of promoting the spiritual well-being of the community as it should be.Advertising We will write a custom term paper sample on Creating the Plant Church: Ministry Application Project specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The phenomenon of volunteering is typically defined as the willingness to assist those in need in the context of the Christian religion. In other words, volunteering is based on the traditional set of Christian values, w hich promote mutual assistance and support among the members of a particular community. In other words, the connection between religion and volunteering is so strong that the two concepts can be viewed as interrelated: â€Å"This similarity indicates that the relation between religion and volunteering goes deeper than the empirically demonstrated positive correlation between religion and volunteering and that the perspective of religion can contribute to shedding some light on volunteering as a social phenomenon.†1 However, the specified principles based on the philosophy of virtue ethics may seem abandoned in the global environment, which can be defined as extremely competitive and, therefore, making one focus on one’s personal needs instead of the well-being of others and the needs of the community). Herein the significance of creating the project that will help the representatives of the Christian community to return to the Christian values, in general, and the sign ificance of the family ties, in particular, lies. Plant Church Definition The lack of volunteering clearly is one of the major problems of the contemporary Christianity. Herein the significance of Plant Church lies. The specified organization is supposed to be based on volunteering; more importantly, the Plant Church will incorporate the principle of volunteering into the community. In other words, it will plant the seeds of altruism, social and religious activity, and, therefore, volunteering in the community in question. The concept of the Plant Church can be defined as the foundation for developing the qualities that the modern members of the parish lack so desperately. Particularly, the significance of the issues such as the family values and the Christian morality is going to be reinforced with the help of the Plant Church. The specified organization is aimed at establishing the concept of compassion, cooperation and bonding among the members of the community. Specifically, the issue regarding the family values will be addressed by the plant Church. The church leaders will make sure that the principles of spiritual and individual growth proclaimed by the Church as the foundation for progress should be followed by every family that the parish is represented by.Advertising Looking for term paper on religion theology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It is essential that the significance of family ties should be reinforced and that the specified changes should occur on a family level; thus, the key principles of the Plant Church can be promoted efficiently and the ideas of volunteering and sharing can be accepted in a faster manner. Due to the natural bonding, which the members of a family typically have, the promotion of the values in question will occur much faster and in a more efficient way than it would otherwise. How Planting Church is Going to Affect the Community As it has been stressed above, the lack of volunteering as the willingness to support fellow church members and share the Christian spirit with the people around can be deemed as one of the major problems of Christianity nowadays. Therefore, it is expected that the introduction of the concept volunteering and the establishment of the Plant Church in the target area will lead to an increase in the social and spiritual activity rates among the target denizens of the population. The Plant Church will promote the traditional Christian values updating them so that they could meet the needs of the contemporary society; as a result, it is expected that the Plant Church will trigger an increase in the spirituality rates among the members of the target community. Moreover, as the church expands to reach the global environment, it may help Christians all over the world embrace the concept of volunteering as the foundation for helping those in need and promoting true Christian values. Moreover, the community members will be able to experience bonding with their family members, which will lead to the creation of premises for consistent spiritual growth.. Rationale: Emphasizing the Significance of Volunteering Volunteering as a Part and Parcel of the Church’s Ethics The rationale for promoting the project in question may seem quite obvious; however, the actual implications of the Plant Church development are rather deep and rooted in the specifics of the contemporary interpretation of religion and spirituality. On the one hand, the necessity to increase the number of followers and shed light on the significance of Christianity as religion is the foundation for creating the church. However, a deeper introspect on the issue in question will reveal that the contemporary society does not thrive on the principles of compassion, and other elements of virtue ethics as it should according to the key Biblical postulates. In other words, the significance of the notions such as sharing, altruism, support fo r each other, being generous with time and money, etc. As soon as the members of the parish recall that it is important for Christian people to look out for each other, it will become possible to reinforce the rest of the Christian morals among them and, therefore, start building a strong yet modern community that values the Christian beliefs and follows the word of God.Advertising We will write a custom term paper sample on Creating the Plant Church: Ministry Application Project specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Threat of Persistence to the Christian Community On the one hand, following the old Christian traditions and maintaining integrity among the members of the Christian community is essential to the overall well-being of its members, as it helps make the community stronger by creating the behavioral pattern that all members of the church may comply with. On the other hand, the lack of novelty and development, as well as no c hange in the number of the parish members is likely to affect the Christian churches in a very negative way. Specifically, fewer people will conform to the basic principles of Christianity, while most believers may fail to understand how to reconcile the traditional Christian values with the norms and standards of the changing world. Moreover, the creation of the global environment, where numerous viewpoints and opinions mix, has opened a range of opportunities for discussions and the acceptance of new tendencies and ideas, which the followers of the Christian religion may have problems with when viewing the specified ideas from the perspective of their own concept of Christianity. Herein the need to plant the concepts of Christianity among the members of the contemporary world lies. It is important that people be able to identify the threats that the modern world exposes them to and the tests that it has for their faith. By encouraging people to learn more about Christianity and un derstanding the true meaning of faith, the Plant Church is likely to address the problem in question in a very efficient manner, therefore, enhancing the true Christian values in the community and helping believers reconcile with the realities of the 21st century. The Concept of Planting as the Basis for Promoting Well-being In addition to the reinforcement of the true Christian values in the community and promoting the concepts of the Christian faith in the environment of the 21st century, the project in question is guided by the rationale that concerns the well-being of people. In other words, by creating the Plant Church and promote the above-mentioned concepts of volunteering, altruism, and cooperation among the target denizens of the population, one is likely to enhance the significance of the specified values in the community and, thus, strengthen the ties among its members.Advertising Looking for term paper on religion theology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Moreover, in contrast to other methods of reinforcing the significance of the Christian religion, planting cannot be viewed as aggressive due to its nature and the emphasis on the family values as opposed to the societal outcomes of the Christian values acceptance. Specific and Realistic Goals to Be Accomplished Promoting Christianity and the Christian Virtues As it has been stressed above, the reinforcement of the Christian values, their update in accordance with the realities of the 21st century, and their further promotion among the target denizens of the population are the primary goals of the Plant Church. The goal in question can be achieved by spreading the concept of Christianity among the members of the community with the help of volunteers. Particularly, the importance of maintaining strong family ties and the connection between the family members should be encouraged as the basis for the development of a strong and happy community. Introducing the Concept of Volunteering to the Christian Religion Although the phenomenon of volunteering is not entirely new to the Christianity, most of its postulates seem to have been forgotten by now, as the environment of the 21st century does not invite the concepts of sharing, replacing it with competition. Nevertheless, the idea of volunteering as a part of assisting the members of the community can and should be planted in the minds of the people in question, which is the goal of the Plant Church. As a result, more people will be able to embrace the Christian values such as altruism, togetherness, and the importance of family ties. Consistent Improvement as the Basis for the Church’s Evolution There is no need to stress that progress is inevitable for any organization that wishes to retain its members and attract new audiences. Therefore, the Christian Church needs to change as well by embracing new ideas and incorporating them into its framework. Thus, setting the course for consistent improvement and ma king sure that the members of the church understand its importance is the third and the final goal of the Plant Church. Persons Responsible for the Change: Distributing Responsibilities The Leader and Their Role in the Plant Church Project Naturally, the specified changes cannot be carried out without a strong leader is at the helm of the Plant Church. Herein the key challenge lies; the leader must adopt the strategy that will encourage the members of the parish change their attitude towards the idea of Christian values and include the phenomenon of volunteering in it. The promotion of the specified change can be considered the key role of the Plant Church leader. In addition, the leader will have to coordinate the actions of the participants involved in the volunteering process. The Significance of the Parish Members’ Role While some of the members will be involved in the volunteering work directly, most of the members of the parish will have to provide support to the former . Particularly, the preachers will have to reinforce the significance of the Christian values, particularly, the connection to the family members and the significance of the virtue ethics. More importantly, the preachers will have to focus on promoting a contemporary interpretation of the Biblical values, thus, allowing people to accept them and integrate them into their behavioral patterns and frameworks of interacting with the family members. Volunteers and Recruiters The volunteers will constitute a certain amount of the church members; however, it is expected that a large number Ð ° volunteers will come from other members of the community. In addition, the volunteers will help raise awareness concerning the significance of family values and spiritual support of the community members. Thus, the basic principles that the Plant Church is going to get across to its target population will be conveyed to the target members of the population in a very efficient and understandable mann er. As a result, the need to create a group of recruiters, who will promote the idea of volunteering among the target population and encourage people to volunteer in the name of the Christian beliefs, lies. Materials Needed: What It Takes to Make a Difference Financial Resources It is desirable that the number of financial resources used for volunteering should be reduced to the minimum, as the rest of the domains that require financial support are nonetheless, if not more, important. For instance, the charity issues will require a substantial amount of money to support the poor members of the community. Therefore, it is expected that the total amount of financial resources required for the mission in question will not exceed $1,000. Human Resources The specified type of resources, in its turn, is going to be quite ample. It is expected that at least 59% of the members of the parish will be involved in recruiting the new members of the church and, therefore, enhancing the significan ce of volunteering among the target audience. Other Materials Required Apart from the above-mentioned resources, the church will also need the tools that will help raise awareness about its activities. Consequently, it will be required to incorporate the resources of modern media in the framework of the Plant Church’s operations. Specifically, the promotion of the organization in the modern media such as social networks should be viewed as a possibility. Timeline for the Goals Completion: Keeping up the Pace Basic Timeline Organization The process of creating the church and establishing it in the community might take some time. Therefore, the church leaders must be patient if they want to achieve tangible results. Key Steps to Be Accomplished To make sure that the goals of the church are met, one must reinforce the significance of the key values and set the basic priorities straight. In addition, each member of the church must be assigned with their roles and responsibilities . Finally, the resources at the organization’s disposal must be used wisely and to the advantage of the participants involved. First, the essential postulates of the virtue ethics must be incorporated into the framework of the organization along with the Biblical ones. Particularly, the significance of family values has to be emphasized. Afterward, the strategy for conveying the message to the target population has to be identified. Then, the message must be spread using not only the traditional tools but also modern media. Finally, the evaluation of the results must be carried out. Deadlines to Meet It is assumed that the process of establishing the church and training the volunteers so that they could acquire the necessary skills is going to take an impressive amount of time. Therefore, the members of the organization must be very patient for it to bring some results. Although it is assumed that the first tangible outcomes are going to emerge a year after the introduction o f the organization to the local members of the population, there might be a number of obstacles to overcome, which may delay the establishment of the church. Nevertheless, it is essential that the participants should meet the deadlines set in the schedule. Particularly, the planning process is expected to end in 1–2 months, while the process of recruitment may take up to two weeks. The stage involving raising awareness about the church among the members of the community, in its turn, may take approximately three months. It should be noted, though, that the latter depends on the number of people and the area that the church is going to embrace. While it is essential to cater to the needs of the members of the local neighborhood at present, the Plant church may need expansion to the statewide area in the future. Moreover, in case of a successful completion of the statewide expansion, the Church may need to continue growing on a global level. As a result, new deadlines will have to be created. Determining the Completion of the Project Goals Accomplishment: Check To make sure that the goals set by the organization are accomplished in a proper manner, one will have to identify the goals set and make sure that they have been achieved. In other words, the increase in the participation rates of the community members as well as the newcomers combined with the rise in the rates of Christian values acceptance among the community members. Particularly, more people will engage in the volunteering practice without expecting financial incentives as the key outcome and accepting the spiritual reward in the form of bonding with the members of the community instead. The identification of the goals reached by the church leader and the people involved can be carried out by comparing the spirituality and well-being rates among the members of the community prior to the creation of the Plant Church and a month after the process of volunteering and promoting the Christian valu es. Once the changes can be deemed as positive and all members of the community start realizing the significance of volunteering to promote the concept of Christian values, the project can be considered complete. Implications of Changes: Analysis The success of the changes carried out in the designated community can be measured by comparing the number of Christian believers and the active members of the Christian community prior to the establishment of the Plant Church and as of its performance a year after. More importantly, it is expected that the members of the church and the volunteers will realize that, although not getting money for their job, they are still rewarded in a very meaningful and plentiful way. Particularly, the church members will realize that the appreciation of the community members and the strong ties that they develop as they engage in volunteering are the best reward that they can get for their efforts. The appreciation of the support that the volunteers and the rest of the Christian people involved in the project receive from each other and the people involved in the project is supposed to trigger the development of a set of values that allow distinguishing a true Christian, i.e., the importance of the emotional support and the spiritual connection that the members of the parish develop as the volunteering work progresses. Indeed, as Anderson and Fox specify, it is hardly believable that any of the churchgoers is likely to work for free: â€Å"Usually they are not lying to you, even if they aren’t telling you the primary reason why they are declining. We all have our own private catalog of truthful, ready-made, polite reasons to decline.†2 However, the goal of the project is not to make people work and give them nothing in reward; instead, the project is aimed at helping people reconsider their value and priorities, realizing that the support and appreciation that they receive from their fellow church goers is just as, if not, more, important as the monetary reward. Results Evaluation As it has been stressed above, the implications of the Plant Church’s volunteering activity can be evaluated by comparing the current state of the target population’s spiritual and emotional well-being to the one that will be attained after the project is completed. The results can be evaluated by carrying out a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis. Specifically, the rates of well-being among the target denizens of the population can be quantified by considering the statistical data such as the crime rates in the community, the poverty issues, the instances of domestic violence, etc. The specified information will help check whether the Plant Church volunteers will have been able to plant the seeds of the Christian virtues among the target population and whether the specified concepts will have altered the behavioral patterns of the people of the community. As far as the qualitative analys is is concerned, the evaluation of the changes in the spirituality rates among the parish members and the community residents can be assessed by carrying out a series of surveys on the subject matter among the specified demographics. Particularly, a questionnaire addressing the essential Christian values and helping identify whether the significance of these values has been raised in the community can be designed. Thus, detailed information regarding the effects of the Plant Church members’ activities can be retrieved for the further analysis and the location of the course of actions to be taken. It would be wrong to assume that the principles promoted by the Plant Church will be accepted easily and with complete readiness by the target members of the population. The willingness o the volunteers, however, cannot be viewed as something that can be forced; quite on the contrary, it is literally impossible to force people to improve ethically and spiritually. The process of pers onal growth, be it targeted at the enhancement of the moral principles or the reconsideration of one’s religious beliefs, must start with the acknowledgement of the change by the person that it occurs to; otherwise, no strategies will have any tangible effect. Therefore, it will be pointless to make the members of the community accept the designated change. Instead, the members of the parish and the Plant Church should consider providing guidance to the specified denizens of the population by creating the model of a desirable behavior and showing that, by accepting the specified patterns, people will be able to become happy. If some members of the community will not agree with the policies of the Plant Church, they will still be able to see the effort that went into its organization, the strength of the ethical principles that it is based on, and the positive effects that it has on people and their relationships with their family members. Consequently, the plant Church member s will receive enough support and gain a number of followers among the designated population. Conclusion: The Plant Church as a New Step Forward in Developing a Religious Community Significance of the Plant Church Seeing that the Plant Church is bound to help redesign not only the community but also the way in which its members perceive the traditional Christian values, it can be assumed that the Plant Church is going to have a huge effect on the community. The significance of the Plant Church, therefore, is going to be rather high, as it will help not only recruit new members by promoting the Christian values but also reinforce the importance thereof among the church members so that people could reconsider their current behavioral patterns and consider changing them to reach the new level of spirituality. In other words, the creation of the Plant Church will help literally plant the seeds of the Christina ethics in the members of the parish and the people who can possibly become th e new members of the church, therefore, improving the life in the community considerably. More importantly, the Plant Church will help its participants view the concept of volunteering from a different perspective. Finally, the significance of connection between the family members will be emphasized with the help of the efforts made by the Plant Church members. Seeing that the family issues are the primary cause of the spiritual confusion, it can be assumed that the specified change will cause a spur of spiritual growth among the target population. Volunteering as the Basis for the Christian Community Development The above-mentioned reconsideration of the principles of volunteering and sharing is another crucial implication of the Plant Church’s operations. Specifically, the fact that people will be able to view the emotional support and the gratitude of the community members as the reward for their actions instead of the monetary reward can be deemed as a crucial step forwar d. It is important that people should realize that no good deed should be left unappreciated and unrewarded; however, it is also imperative to let them understand that the acknowledgement of these efforts with the help of tangible incentives is a crucial part of the volunteering practice that helps sustain the process of volunteering and keep the members active and enthusiastic. Expected Outcomes and Implications It is expected that the volunteering process is bound to return quite fruitful results and trigger a massive increase in the number of churchgoers. Apart from promoting Christianity to the target population successfully, the Plant Church is bound to contribute to a large increase in the number of people attending the church and taking active part in the lives of the community members. In other words, it is assumed that the volunteering practice will help reinforce the participation rates among the church members and will promote involvement in the issues related to the comm unity. Particularly, the changes that the Plant Church is going to inspire will concern the shift of the focus from personal issues to the problems of the community. Once based on the understanding of the fact that the public acknowledgment of their efforts and the personal gratitude of the parish members can be deemed as an essential reward for their contribution, the Christian members of the population are bound to become more invested in the community affairs. Bibliography Anderson, Leith, and Jill Fox. The Volunteer Church: Mobilizing Your Congregation for Growth and Effectiveness. Grand Rapids, MI: Harper Collins, 2015. Hustinx, Lesley, Johan Von Essen, Jacques Haers, and Sara Mels. Religion and Volunteering: Complex, Contested and Ambiguous Relationships. Berlin: Springer, 2014. Footnotes 1. Lesley Hustinx, Johan Von Essen, Jacques Haers, and Sara Mels. Religion and Volunteering: Complex, Contested and Ambiguous Relationships (Berlin: Springer, 2014), p. 4. 2. Leith Anderson a nd Jill Fox, The Volunteer Church: Mobilizing Your Congregation for Growth and Effectiveness (Grand Rapids, MI: Harper Collins, 2015), p. 8. This term paper on Creating the Plant Church: Ministry Application Project was written and submitted by user Paloma Q. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Denny S Promotional Strategy Essays

Denny S Promotional Strategy Essays Denny S Promotional Strategy Essay Denny S Promotional Strategy Essay Dynes Promotional Strategy Dynes Restaurant is a run-of-the-mill diner chain that serves to a loyal following of families and other customers. One of the things that make Dynes such a formidable company is its desire and execution to promote its product. Through advertising, sales promotions, and public relations, Denny can compete with other top diner chains in the world. Dynes uses advertising to promote their product. If one has a television at home, they could simply turn it on and see these adds that are constantly on. One of the adds promotes the new 52 54 $6 $8 value menu. This value menu as been a hit for Denny and one of the reasons why is because customers come to the restaurant ready to buy off of it because the advertising it receives. Dynes also has adds in local newspapers and on the radio as well. They really do a nice job of letting the customer know that they are still in fact relevant. Another promotional mix that Dynes restaurant uses is its sales promotion. The restaurant does a fine job of attracting customers through coupons and other sales promotions. Some of those other sales promotions happen locally and in the summer. If you attend a Pirate game, you can chive a free grand slam if one the Pirates players hit a home run in an assigned inning. This is good for Denny because during the game, they always get their name put out there. If a player hits a home run, the only lost item is a few free grand slam coupons. All in all this is a good promotional strategy because all of those people at the games get to hear the Dynes restaurant name. The advertisement is genius. Of coarse Denny also have coupons in newspapers and other outlets for their customers to indulge in. A third promotional mix that Dynes uses to attract customers is its public elation. Dynes often uses press releases when they come out with new products to keep their customers informed. They really do not utilize the advantages of using famous figures to sell their product but it seems as though they really dont have to. Dynes uses plenty of advertisements to attract customers. Its number one will always be the grand slam. The grand slam is the All-American breakfast that you can buy at Dynes because youre an All-American person. It is the perfect advertisement for the restaurant because it is simple, easy, and isnt take much work to as both a dish and an advertisement. The grand slam has been around since Denny has been around and will always be around. McDonalds has the big Mac and Burger King has the whopper. Dynes has the grand slam. Dynes promotional strategy is both similar and different to its competitors. It is the same in that Dynes like a competitor such as Eat both use coupons and commercials to attract customers. Those two companies are different because they both different ways of promoting. For example, Deem/s has its promotions at the Pirate games every night and Eat only has promotions at the ballpark on Saturday night for their scratch off win ticket. Dynes does a nice job of using the five promotional elements but its competitors do as well. Both Dynes and a competitor such as Eat Park utilize their advertising well as they both have running television ads and newspaper ads. They both use personal selling as they both establish relationships with retailers and manage orders and inventory. Both restaurants excel with its public relations. When you think Eat Park, you think of the smiley cookie. When you think Denny, you think of the grand slam. Both items are famous over the country. Both restaurants appeal to the direct market as they both have websites and both have different menu both children and old timers. Dynes Distribution Strategy Dynes Restaurant takes pride in the food that they purchase, prepare, and sell to the general public. One of the things that make Dynes stand Out against its competitors is its ability to do just that. The reason Denny is so good at doing those things is the fact that they have some a strong relationship with their channels of distribution. Dynes food product comes from various farms around the country that are bought by various food suppliers around the country. Dynes then comes in and buys that food for the restaurant. The product is distributed through extensive distribution in that it goes from a farm to a supplier to the actual restaurant. Dynes restaurant mostly sells its product through its restaurant to hungry customers but it is possible IS some places to buy the product through a retailer such as a grocery store. Various Dynes meal can be bought frozen at a grocery store instead of at the restaurant. The types Of retailers that carry Denny product are mostly grocery store but large chain department stores such as Wall-Mart may also carry the product. Dynes Restaurant does an excellent job in getting the products they need to create the products they are selling. That is one of the things that separate them from other restaurants. You will never go to a Denny and get something out of the ordinary that you may not have wanted. Denny may not be the most quality restaurant around, but they are definitely one of the most consistent in their services and product.